April 12, 2021

GA vs NC Round 1

GA vs NC Round 1

The Georgia vs North Carolina Songwriters Showdown brought to you by The Georgia Songbirds, Yes! Weekly, Oden Brewing Company, and Rootstock is under way. This competition puts 8 GA vs NC songwriters. Round 2 starts on April 12th. This is the audio from the videos posted on The Georgia Songbirds Facebook page from round 1. The matchups are

Matthew Schwartz-GA vs Sydney Rose-NC

Rachel Forehand-GA vs Laura Jane Vincent-NC

Canon Tyler-GA vs William Nesmith-NC

Al Urezzio-GA vs Ryan Johnson-NC

Keven Mack-GA vs Colin Cutler-NC

Blake Pettis vs Dustin Chapman

Trey Palmer-GA vs Emily Stewart

Scott Little-GA vs Rebekah Todd-NC

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