Sept. 8, 2021

Izzie's Caravan Live from the Digital Bird's Nest

Izzie's Caravan Live from the Digital Bird's Nest

Let's Welcome this week's special guest, a Rock-N-Roll singer songwriter from Canada Izzie's Caravan. If you don't know Izzie

The roots of Izzie's Caravan go deep, a long way back to my high-school days and playing bad music on very expensive instruments, to my university days playing good rock n roll on cheap instruments. It was in 2005 when Ray and I decided to start a band, sacrificing food money for buying gear. We had a shitty little recorder on which I started laying down tracks, and Ray would stroll over in the harshest Canadian winters with his bass strapped on his back, and we would write every day.

So listen in as we talk about the greats of Rock and Roll, comics, music and so much more

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