Aug. 23, 2022

New Music Monday

New Music Monday
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Tune in for New Music Monday. This will be a trial episode. This is the New Music Monday show that I normally only release for Georgia Songbirds Radio, I will also try something new this week, I will release it as a podcast episode as well. That way if you miss it you can still hear New Music Monday whenever you want.This is a weekly show so send me your new music if you haven't already. Also I challenge everyone to take the 10 minute challenge. Tune in for 10 minutes to The Georgia Songbirds Radio and I promise there will be something that you like. 

Here are this week's artists

Carol Markstrom "Kay-Yah Ha  Chickasaw"

John McDonough "We'll Answer the Call"

Bernadett Nyári "Palladio"

Syteria "It Hit Me"

Yo Brando "Thank You Sir"

Neno Rol "Moover"

Todd Barrow "My Girl Crush"

Ed Roman "I Have a Dream"

Delphi Ravens "Take My Hand"

Bailey "I Am Woman"

Jeff Wisnom "Burn For You"

Gary Matheny "Juliette"

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