March 20, 2021

The Georgia Songbirds Weekly Top 10 Countdown Week 35

The Georgia Songbirds Weekly Top 10 Countdown Week 35

14 independent artists. Each week we will have a top 10 plus new songs to try and break into that top 10 this week's artists are 10. Jeannie Caryn "Hey Baby (The Hayloft Song)" 9. James Reid "Come and Love Me" 8. Greg Drews and the Truth "Goldmine" 7. Art and Wick "Dusk" 6. Mark Espinoza "Look Into Your Eyes" New Artist Lady Redneck "Why" New Artist Miss Freddye "Miss Freddyes Gonna Fix Ya" 5. Heather Ragnars "Crazy Love" 4. Geary Nelson "Tonight She'll Hold Me" 3. Carrie King "Clear the Air" New Artist Tara Kye "Become the Phoenix" New Artist Ten Penny Gypsy "Your True You" 2. Coffee and Flowers "When You Fall in Love" 1. KJ Wood "Fred Astaire"

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Heather Ragnars Profile Photo

Heather Ragnars

Heather Ragnars is a singer-songwriter, composer and performer based in Montreal, Canada. Her first EP, Bench Warmer, came out in November 2018. The album can be described as a mix of folk and retro R’n’B with clear influences from the 50’s, 60’s and strong female vocalists like Amy Winehouse, Adele and Beth Gibbons of Portishead. Heather has twice been voted as one of the Top Ten Singer-songwriters in Montreal by the magazine Cult MTL. She has played shows in Canada, the United States, West Africa and Iceland. Recent performances include the Melodica Reykjavik festival and performances at the Wiggle Room, where she shares the stage with Montreal's finest burlesque artists.

Born in Iceland and raised in the United States and Canada, Heather was raised in a musical family. She was exposed to various types of music throughout her childhood including traditional choir music, opera, musical theatre, pop and rock’n’roll. She started taking piano lessons at a young age and soon began taking classical voice lessons in the hopes of one day performing on Broadway. When she discovered songwriting, she knew she had found her calling: her songs are heartbreaking, yet barefaced accounts of the many things we think but don't say.

While perhaps most known for her regular gigs at the Wiggle Room in Montreal, Heather has performed at various festivals and venues throughout the years including Le phare des mamelles in Senegal, Smitefest in the U.S.A. and The St-Ambroise Montréal Fringe Festival in Canada. She maintains strong ties to her homeland of Iceland most recently performing at the Melodica Reykjavik festival in August of 2019. Heather has written two psalms for the Women’s Church of Iceland, one of which appeared on a compilation CD and book by the same name published by Kirkefondet in 2019 (Himlen og Jorden må feste - salmer og sange fra hele verden).

In the spring of 2019, Heather took a 15-week masterclass in film composition under the guidance of Mehdat Hanbali. She is currently studying Composition in the Music Department at Concordia University where she also studies Jazz Voice.

Art and Wick Profile Photo

Art and Wick

Based in Atlanta, GA, Art & Wick is an indie band created from the collaboration between Christian Artieda and Amy Smithwick. Our debut album is available anywhere you listen!

KJ Wood Profile Photo

KJ Wood

A singer songwriter from the UK

Coffee & Flowers Profile Photo

Coffee & Flowers

Coffee & Flowers is an acoustic duo from Tuscany, formed in January 2019 by the singer Gianluca Niccoli and by the acoustic guitar player Alessandro Moschini. The duo is based in the little and famous town Montecatini Terme in the Valdinievole area. The repertoire proposed by the two musician is a mix of original (genre acoustic rock/pop/songwriter) and many famous italian/international songs. After 3 singles ("When you fall in love" reached 115.000 streams on Spotify) the duo released in July 2020 the debut album "Capatosta", available on all the main music platforms in the web.

Geary Nelson Profile Photo

Geary Nelson

I started playing music at a young age, my father who was a country singer and performed in local clubs in Ill, they would rehearse at our house and I watched and listened to his band as a young boy, and I knew I had to play music. With guidance from my father and Dick Johnson his lead guitar player, I watched and learned how to play the guitar. As a young teenager I was with a Rock group in the 1960s called the "Panik" we played all over Illinois, we recorded records, toured several States, performed on TV shows, in Chicago we did the "Kismit" show and in Memphis, TN, we did "Dance Party". I started writing songs at that time and have many songs, some good, and some well, not so good but you have to continue to write to get better. I started singing late in life, and focused on that for many years and soon did both, lead Guitar and lead singing in bands. Elvis and the Beatles were huge influences on my musical direction, and also many other artist, too many to mention. I sing, and perform all my own harmonies and backup singing, I play the guitar, Lead/Rhythm, Bass guitar, Drums and I attempt to play some keyboards now and then. I love to write songs that have interesting melody lines and good beats. I consider myself a music creator, and love doing it. I write, produce and arrange all of my own material, it is fun...

Greg Drews Profile Photo

Greg Drews

Atlanta based songwriter Greg Drews crafts vocal driven American Roots music with an abundance of warmth and space. His songs blend the recline of California Roots Rock, harmonies of Southern Appalachian Soul and the gentle swagger of the Texas Troubadours - all echoes of time spent living in those locales.
As a band, Greg Drews and The Truth operate from a simple set of guiding principles: be honest with the music and genuine in the delivery, stay open to different configurations, collaborate, tell good stories and bend in the breeze. They create a sound that seems to know when to pull from roots and when to swing and sway from the trees - structures are loose and chemistry is undeniable.
The Truth is: Chris Nosek (drums/uke/mandolin), Jay Gore (vocals/harmonica/drums), Mark Grundhoefer (guitar/vocals) and Stephen Grundhoefer (bass).