The Georgia Songbirds Top 10 Weekly Countdown 14 Independent Artists from all over the world vying to be in the top 10 spots. Vote for your favorites to continue on. Go to the Georgia Songbirds Facebook or Instagram to vote and follow all the artists.

10) Jeremy Parsons "Masquerade"-Texas
9) Dash Paz "Over and Over"-Tennessee
8) Jeff Ehling "Backyard Tiki Bar"-Pennsylvania
7) Emily Stewart "Two Feet on the Ground"-North Carolina
6) Craig Hendricks "Whiskey and Diamonds"-Alabama
New Artist Tia McGraff "With Love"-Canada
New Artist The Revenue Man "My Own Eulogy"-Tennessee
5) Rockin Rich Lynch "You Might Hear a Heart-Tennessee
4) Thomas Hinds "Brighter Day"-Georgia
3) Dave Molter ft Annemarie Picerno "All the Answers"-Pennsylvania
New Artist Johnathan Len "you're All I Need"-Kentucky
New Artist Amanda Belair "What I Like"-Georgia
2) Jill Bettini "Set the Load Down"-Virginia
1) Kelvin J Wood "No-one Like Elvis"-UK