The Georgia Songbirds Top 10 Weekly Countdown 14 Independent Artists from all over the world vying to be in the top 10 spots. Vote for your favorites to continue on. Go to the Georgia Songbirds Facebook or Instagram to vote and follow all the artists.

10) Bobby Ray "You & Me in Tennessee"-Tennessee
9) Ethan Senger "I'm Fine"-Georgia
8) John David Daily "Chains"-Illinois
7) Jeannie Caryn "Just Like the Movies"-Georgia
6) Yes M.A.M. "Heartbroken and Gone"-Georgia
New Artist Joey Stuckey "You Know My Name"-Georgia
New Artist Dale Cole & Community Service "I Have Tried"-North Carolina
5) Thomas Hinds "Brighter Day"-Georgia
4) Couldn't Be Happiers "Treehouse"-North Carolina
3) Rickey Combs "Sittin' In This Honky Tonk"-Tennessee
New Artist Hannyta "Breaking Up"-UK
New Artist Brian Moon "Lonely Country Singer"-Canada
2) Johnny and Jules "Goodbye Georgia"-Georgia
1) Danielle McLean "Let Me Go"-Georgia