The Georgia Songbirds Top 10 Weekly Countdown for week ending November 12th 14 Independent Artists from all over the world vying to be in the top 10 spots. Vote for your favorites to continue on. Go to the Georgia Songbirds Facebook or Instagram to vote and follow all the artists.
10) Stunt Doubles "Leave Him Lone"-Georgia
10) Kurt Lee Wheeler "Something I Said"-Georgia
9) Maria Deirisarri "Blindfolded"-Georgia
8) Foxy Mammals "Lock Down"-Georgia
7) Evermore USA "I'm Happy"-Ohio
6) Tedi Brunetti "Evil Woman"-Pennsylvania
New Artist Sadie Rock & the Mad Ryans "Enemy Romance"- North Carolina
New Artist Phillip Foxley "She Said Yes"_UK
5) Serole "A Tear on Your Face"-Georgia
4) Kenny Owens "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades"-Georgia
3) Brian McKell "Morning Sun"-Scotland
New Artist Yes M.A.M. "Murderer of Love"-Georgia
New Artist Jeannie Caryn "Don't Think"-Georgia
2) Andrew Dean and the Farm Machine "Wanted. A Good Time For All"-Tennessee
1) Kelvin J Wood ft tracy Jordan "Take This Dance"-UK