The Georgia Songbirds Top 10 Weekly Countdown for week ending March 4th Independent Artists from all over the world vying to be in the top 10 spots. Vote for your favorites to continue on. Go to the Georgia Songbirds Facebook or Instagram to vote and follow all the artists.

10) Donny Hammonds "Anybody Else But Me"-Georgia
9) Flintlock Annie "Somewhere Alabama"-Georgia
8) Caroline Parke "Oklahoma Between"-Canada
7) Tiffany Sparrow "Good Place"-Canada
6) Autumn Helene ft Heerraa "Morning Light"-Washington
New Artist Mauri Dark "Thin Line of Understanding"-Finland
New Artist Bret Allen & the Northern Rebels "muddy Banks"-Washington
5) The Cranberry Merchants "Brand New Day"-Georgia
4) Juli Taken "Something's Just Not Right"-Oklahoma
3) Andrew Dean and the Farm Machine "Country Time"-Tennessee
New Artist Cowboy-Lone "Walking and Talking"-Denmark
New Artist James Ethington III "Art of My Life'-New Mexico
2) C.W. Smith "Better Off Alone"-Georgia
1) Coffee & Flowers ft Carmela Fiorello "Wild Sage"-Italy