The Georgia Songbirds Top 10 Weekly Countdown 14 Independent Artists from all over the world vying to be in the top 10 spots. Vote for your favorites to continue on. Go to the Georgia Songbirds Facebook or Instagram to vote and follow all the artists.

10) Wes Shipp "My Old Man"-Kentucky
9) Alice Osborn "Are You Men From California or Do You Come From Heaven"- North Carolina
8) Jesse James Landers "Diana's Song"-Georgia
7) Dale Cole & Community Service "We Ain't Family If We're Still Talking" North Carolina
6) Hayley Verrall "dance Around It"-Canada
New Artist Ron Daniel "First Time in a Long Time"-Georgia
New Artist Jeff Scarborough "Take Me to Tennessee"-Tennessee
5) Rickey Combs "I Just Wished You Loved Me"-Illinois
4) Maria Deirisarri "if the moon was a person"-Georgia
3) Gary Matheny "Solo Dos Gatos"-Tennessee
New Artist Eddie Ray Barela "I'm In Heaven"-Texas
New Artist Cindy Ellis "Made with Love"-Tenneessee
2) Sharon Marie White "Help Me Fly"-Canada
1) Ashton Smith "Easy"-Georgia