Nov. 13, 2022

Georgia VS Alabama Songwriter Showdown written by Jeannie Caryn

Georgia VS Alabama Songwriter Showdown written by Jeannie Caryn

Hey!  It’s that time of year again!! The Songwriter Showdown is back!  Last year, it was Georgia vs. Kentucky and Clarke Sexton from Kentucky won the battle!  This year, Georgia Songwriters face Alabama Songwriters and the competition is sure to be a fun one to watch! 


So how does it work?   Eight Georgia Songwriters will compete against eight Alabama Songwriters in an online showdown on The Georgia Songbirds Facebook page.  


During the First Round, every songwriter gets to perform two original songs in a video for y’all to check out!  They will post their videos on Monday and then on Sunday, I will tabulate the points they have earned. 


How are points earned?  Songwriters earn points as follows:

  • 1 point for each “View”
  • 2 points for each “Like”
  • 3 points for each “Share”


It’s all fun and bragging rights, but this year we have a great sponsor - Just a Fan Photography! Owned and Operated by the Amazing Carey Hood! 


I’m excited to share the list of this year’s writers -  all fabulous singer-songwriters and performers!  


From Georgia:


Jeannie Caryn

Greg Fortune

Trey Palmer

C.W. Smith

Ashton Smith

Keven Mack

Anna Shinholster

Julie Hardy Burger


From Alabama:


Craig Hedricks

Katie Martin

Jessica Terrell

Jared Hill

Alice Nelson

Joseph Brooks

Caleb Orr

Shelia Quattlebaum


Get ready to WATCH, LIKE, and SHARE to help the songwriters move forward in the competition.  We all appreciate you taking part in the competition as listeners/voters!  The exposure these songwriters will receive is beyond helpful to their careers, and it’s all because of YOU!  Please also follow them on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform!