Feb. 10, 2022

The Georgia Songbirds Umbrella

The Georgia Songbirds Umbrella

The Georgia Songbirds Umbrella 


We do live or digital interviews regardless of experience or genre. The live interviews consist of us having a conversation, you playing live if you want, and/or listening to a few of your songs. Open to all songwriters all over the world.

Album Reviews

This is not your typical album review. I don't offer my opinion or write up an article. Being a songwriter myself I am more interested in the stories of the songs. So that is what we do, we listen to your song and the stories behind each one.

Weekly Top 10 Countdown

Each week we play 14 songs, fans get to vote and the top 10 of those move forward each week and I will introduce 4 new songs. The only "Rules" that I have is 1. Only 1 song per artist in the countdown at a time 2. If the song lasts 12 weeks I officially "Retire" it. Which means that it will still be available in the Spotify playlist I made for everyone but it will not be available to vote for in the current countdown. You can however send me another song 3. No Heavy Metal or Rap, since I send the countdown to other radio stations they have guidelines and this seems to be the most consistent rule. 4. No excessive language. Again since I send the countdown to multiple stations this is another guideline. You can however still come on the show as guest or do an album review and submit to my station. You submit your songs by sending me a mp3 to thegeorgiasongbirds@gmail.com or you can submit on the website 

Spotify Playlists

I have created multiple playlists for guests and everyone who has been in the countdown. Currently there are 4 All-Time Volumes of all the artists who have ever been in the countdown. There is also a current Top 10 playlist that I update weekly

GA vs Series

This is an annual series done on The Georgia Songbirds Facebook Page. Each year I put 8 GA songwriters against 8 Songwriters from another state. This is friendly competition with cash and prizes. Each songwriter will post videos on the Georgia Songbirds Facebook page and they get points for views, likes, and shares.

 1st Round: 2 original Songs

2nd Round: 3 Original Songs

3rd Round: A live 30 minute set

Final Round: A live 45 min set

This competition seems to get the most response and followers and feels up fast. We have challenged Tennessee, North Carolina, and this year is Kentucky

Have You Heard?

This is a fairly new segment for the show. Eventually it will be a live show on The Georgia Songbirds Radio Station. Now the format is pretty simple myself and Jordan, who is in my band, play songs for an hour. We try and play songs that the other has not heard. There is no specific genre here either, we have played EDM, Bluegrass, Rock, Folk and more. You literally will hear all kinds of music. Eventually we would like guests to come on the show and they pick songs with us. If you are an artist we will play 1 of your songs as well.

Georgia Songbirds Radio

This is the new station that I started to highlight Independent artists and a few All-Time hits or songs I like. Soon I would like to have other live shows, theme nights, Artist spotlights and more. This will change as it grows but I'm very excited about the future of the station

Snuggle Bunny Music Publishing 

I will never charge for a songwriter or artist to come on the show or to put a song in the countdown or playlists, this however is a paid service. This is my publishing company. What I am offering for those who want a little help 

- I will distribute your music to all the streaming platforms

- I will never take any songwriting credit unless we wrote the song together

- I will list your song with a PRO unless you have your own in which case I will need all that info when I distribute your songs

- If you do not have a publishing company listed with a PRO than I will use mine and only take the publisher royalty. 

- If I am using my publishing company than I will pitch your songs to curators, influencers, playlists, and for sync in films and tv. This is not a guaranteed get rich or even that I can get it placed, all I can do is try for you. If I am using my publishing company then if you do get a placement or a lot of streams, a cut on an artists record, we both win.

I distribute thru Distrokid and have a few accounts set up for pitch opportunities and I know a few groups that take pitches. This is something you can obviously do for yourself with time and money. I am offering to help but I know this is not for everyone and if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

- I can also get you a discount on a Studio recording of your song if you need which you will need in order for distribution you do not want to have a bad recording if you are putting your music out for people to hear.   If you have your own studio you use that is fine I would just need the master emailed to me when you get it. I do not own your master that is still yours

So How Much

Right now I am charging $35 a year for distribution, pitching, and registering your song with a PRO unless you already have one then I would just need a little info 


Will Prices go up. If I start getting a lot of clients or a lot of placements then yes. But it is setup  annually so you will know before hand

Am I in a contract. Yes and No. You can submit yourself to any opportunities you want just know when you pay me for the year I will be pitching the whole year. If you want to leave after the year I will just need to unregister you on my PRO if I helped you on that end. 

Any guarantees. Only that I will try. 

I'm sure there are more questions, just reach out and I will try and answer them.